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The Study Guide to The Craft of Piano Playing

The Study Guide to The Craft of Piano Playing is designed to help the piano student cover all the material of The Craft of Piano Playing in one semester, and is suitable for a piano pedagogy course. It sets out a 4-13 weeks study plan that provides a brief summary of the material to be covered in each one-week period, plus a list of key themes, sample questions and related reading material. The Study Guide will be an ideal aid to piano pedagogy students using The Craft of Piano Playing as a textbook, and will also be a useful tool for independent students of the piano. The Study Guide is published by Maple Grove Music Productions. THE CRAFT OF PIANO PLAYING presents an original approach to piano technique with a fascinating series of exercises designed to help the reader put this approach into practice. Alan Fraser has combined his extensive concert and pedagogical experience, his long-standing collaboration with the virtuoso Kemal Gekich, and his professional training in the Feldenkrais Method to create this innovative technique. Drawing on examples from the classical repertoire, the movement exercises presented serve to enrich the pianist's kinesthetic self-image and educate the pianistic reflexes, activating as-yet untapped functions of the human piano playing mechanism. The exercises provide a new way of perceiving and manipulating the skeleton of the pianist's hand to produce improved digital dexterity and tonal variety, greater power without harshness, heightened sensitivity and discrimination without weakness. They show how many of our common movement habits at the keyboard can become counterproductive, and provide a new way of manipulating the skeletal frame of the hand to produce astonishing sonic results from the instrument. Designed to help both students who need remedial work in basic strength at the keyboard and those seeking a new dimension of musical and pianistic understanding, The Craft of Piano Playing suggests that improved physical ability can free musical individuality to express itself more fully. This approach to piano technique can also serve as an effective antidote for debilitating performance anxiety, increasing one's emotional security by providing the physical and musical basis for it. By filling in a missing link between intention and physical execution, this book truly aims to advance the craft of piano playing .

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